Monday, 6 January 2014

China Trip 2013

Whoops, I'm posting this like a month late! In my defense, I caught a horrible cold at the tail end of my trip and therefore got back jetlagged and sick. Meanwhile, I had to juggle Christmas-deadline commissions and respond to the 30+ people inquiring about winter commissions. Between fevers and headaches, I got a bit better, but I shot myself in the leg by going out. I then got sick AGAIN (different bug though) since my immune system was probably at an all time low. Once again, I was walking around feverish, having to shop for Christmas gifts and see some friends in town for the holidays. Christmas itself was an unusual ordeal since we had to go to Ottawa early for a funeral.  All in all, it was a hectic month to end a crabby year. Now, onto a quick recap of my trip in China!