Monday, 17 September 2012

MtlCC Con Report

I think this was the least stressful con I've ever attended... I didn't have much merch, but I didn't really care because I only had one 'goal' for this event: meet Avatar/Korra fans!! :D I also got to meet tons of great artist. I was seated next to Craig Stuckless and Chris Olsen. Check our their original work!

Legend of Korra Madness

At the last con I attended, Otakuthon, I really had a blast, partially because of my Amorra couple that got excellent reactions. For Comicon, I decided to go for Amorralok instead. I had prepared a huge paperboat that Korra was supposed to be all tied up in...but there wasn't enough room for the display. If I get a table at AN next year, I'll be sure to set it up properly (that's if I still have Tarrlok).