Monday, 25 July 2011

HeavyMTL Day 2, Trims & Vans

As mentioned in my previous post, I wasn't quite sure if I'd attend day # 2 of HeavyMTL, but alas! Yes I did! It's great having connections~~~ ^_^ I got to see Opeth. Holy crap. I love them. I really forgot just how much I love them. 0_0 I told my bro's roomate who I was hanging out with: I was ready to make-out with ANYONE around me, be it female, fat, grimmy, whatever. That's how much Opeth turns me on~~~ LOL

This makes me lean towards the decision of still going to Youmacon. Ok, seems like the topics aren't related, but they are. Opeth is playing in Detroit on October 29th (they aren't coming to either TO or Montreal for their tour). Youmacon is from Nov 3rd-6th. And in between, there's Halloween. :D Now this all depends whether my guy wants me around, lol.

And totally random, I sticked around for KISS who were headlining. My bro's roomate really wanted to get up front, so we got pretty close. I don't know any of their songs, but they were pretty entertaining!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Youmacon AA reg= FAIL

I've been looking into getting a table at the Detroit convention Youmacon because I have a place to stay in Windsor (about 20 mins away from the con) and it'll give me the opportunity to see my friends and also finally take a stab at an american con!

The reg was really not well announced, so I've been stalking the forums for the past few weeks. Finally, they said it'd open on saturday the 23rd (yesterday) but couldn't tell us the time.... Lately, I've been working on my online portfolio (which is going really well), so I was on the computer anyways. I was checking back every 30 mins or so.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Guilty Pleasure

I was a bad girl the other day, and splurged on some clothing items. o_0

At first, I hit up Underworld (skate shop) because I had a gift certificate that my brother gave to me three or four years ago. If you like streetwear and skate shoes, they've got a stylish selection. Here's their online shop:

I was really drawn to the clothes by Element Eden.

I bought 2 dresses/tunics; they're very knitty and good quality material. :D Here's a pic of one of them (I couldn't find the other one on the site!):

Looks like a shirt, but it's quite long.
The one I bought was black.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Whirlpool of Despair

What a morbid title, but that's what a friend of mine was calling his own city.

I spent the past 10 days on a random trip to Windsor and then back to Montreal. I guess it was to chase after my dose of romance for the year (seems to be an annual trend, lol)... But it was also to fulfill the fortune I got from the chinese restaurant I went to for my cousin's kid's first birthday.