Monday, 28 May 2012

Anime North 2012 Con Report

Alas, the infamous AN has come to a close...and even after a good night's sleep, I'm still exhausted. I need another nap, but I have about a million things to do because my art expo is this sunday, and I have NOTHING. Gah! OTL

But onto the con report! Not many pictures like usual, so this will be descriptive instead.

DAY -1

Yup, we start in the negative because the adventure starts there! Soooo... umm...  basically, my merch suffered a huge hit of BLARGH... a friend of mine passed away the saturday night, one week before the it's been a little rough, and I didn't have the biggest motivation to work my 2000%.  I have lots of unfinished plushies, and my total head count resulted in exactly 28.  Compared to the 50 from last year, that's not a lot! o_0 But this year, I chose quality over quantity, and not to mention, I had lots of stuff to bring for the workshop, meaning not as much space in my luggage.

I also made chibis of Chrona, Fye, Howl, Ulqui, Grimm and Stark.  But I finished those up on Day -1, so no time for pictures! o_0  After packing everything up, I had to venture downtown because I was going to crash at my friend's place who lives right next to where the bus was going to depart. It was convinient, but walking around with that heavy load of luggage (curse stairs!) was cumbersome and tiring.  I slept only for 3 hours before hopping on the bus and starting Day 1.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Providence, Books, Anime North update

Update 1: Providence

Okay..... I haven't updated blogger in a LONG TIME.  I went to Providence about a month and a half ago, and I wanted to blog about it, but then got super lazy and now it's May. o_0 

The trip was super last-minute and spontaneous because my friend got accepted to the grad program at RISD, and she wasn't sure whether she should accept, so I was like: LETS VISIT.  And so we did.  Me, being the seasoned traveller did most of the planning... there are zero hostels in Providence, so I ended up checking for couchsurfers.  We stayed at a rather "unique" place.