Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pheleon's Workspace

It's about time that I show pictures of my space! Originally, all of the magic is supposed to happen here, but because of reasons beyond my control *cough*psychoroomate*cough*, I had to move a lot of my shit back at home to concoct the rest of the commissioned plushies. Meanwhile, I was also busy making Adrian, so now that he's done as well, I finally had the time to clean and re-organize stuff.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nuit Blanche Recap & Medusa Hoodie

And so, my failtastic skills at documenting strike again: I did not take a single picture at Nuit Blanche last weekend!! o_0 EPIC FAIL.  But in my defense, just about everyone else had huge ass cameras and snapped away crazily, so maybe one day, I will stumble upon documentation of the night.

It went really well!  No drama... well, there was a little in the beginning, but nothing that involved me personally.  I got there about 2 hours before the event, and we essentially had to bomb the remaining flyers in the Place-des-arts area where the main festivities were going on.  We got back a little late, and then I stayed by Adrian more or less the whole night.  Lots of socializing and hipsterish stuff.  When the DJ started at midnight, we had already sold all of our beer, so it was surprisingly more dead.  Apparently, the attendance was like 2900 people! Which is AWESOME! And Adrian really was the star of the show. :D

But among the other things I wanted to do for the event... we had to dress to impress cuz it's Nuit Blanche and a graffiti gallery is the pinnacle of trendy hipster crap. I bought this awesome green-ish leopard (which I thought was snakish/crocodilish) printed fabric...and I wanted to make it into a tunic, but decided agaisnt it when I spent the previous days freezing my ass off in the gallery during set-up.  So change of plans: I rushed to the store and picked up some wool to make myself a jacket!!

I didn't have much time, so I went for a simple design.  My main criteria was a huge hood and that it would be fitted nicely.

The cuffs didn't end up happening. Nor the trimming.