Sunday, 18 September 2011

Arashi Daiko Workshop

So today I delved into yet a new (and very different) activity: Taiko drumming!

Image taken from Montreal Mirror

The workshop was organised by Montreal's Taiko group, Arashi Daiko.

All in all, it was very interesting, fun, and a real workout! It has a lot of spirit, and I wasn't really prepared for it, lol. I'd highly recommend this activity if you can find workshop/classes nearby.  I "signed up" for their weekly classes, but they're only accepting 10 students out of the 150 that participated in their workshops. Soooooo.... I really doubt I'm one of them because I'm quite a poor beginner, LOL. I'm a very diligent worker and I practice hard to perfect something. But body co-ordination really isn't my forte; I'm quite terrible at following choreography. (I'm the type that has the perseverance to practice and reach for the top, but I really start at 0.). Therefore, based on my poor performance, I doubt I made an impression.  But I had fun! And that was the important part. :)

It's been a while since I took a physical activity class... It reminded me of my circus days. For the hell of it, here's a nostalgic picture...

I remember when I first started doing aeriels, I couldn't do anything! I could hardly even climb a rope, lol! But by the end, I really improved and even my instructors commended me for it. ^_^ I stopped doing aerials because I sprained my ankle quite badly..and I'm still paying for it. Today, during the workshop, the position we had to hold was this sort-of lunge-squat thing...and there's so much weight on the ankles. I was shaking! I really gotta work that out again. *_*;;;

On other news, my studio space is coming along: I finally have my industrial sewing machine! I'll take pictures to post up in due course. I want to decorate the room with my giant watermelons, but I first gotta find stuff to stuff it with (i.e. buy a beanbag!).

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