Monday, 7 May 2012

Providence, Books, Anime North update

Update 1: Providence

Okay..... I haven't updated blogger in a LONG TIME.  I went to Providence about a month and a half ago, and I wanted to blog about it, but then got super lazy and now it's May. o_0 

The trip was super last-minute and spontaneous because my friend got accepted to the grad program at RISD, and she wasn't sure whether she should accept, so I was like: LETS VISIT.  And so we did.  Me, being the seasoned traveller did most of the planning... there are zero hostels in Providence, so I ended up checking for couchsurfers.  We stayed at a rather "unique" place.

Looks normal from the outside. Inside is huge!

Laurence gave them a monkey, as a token of our stay.

Living room where we stayed

It's called a communal house, and there were like 20 people living communal dinners where people from outside of the house came to eat (they have this schedule where each person is assigned to either cook or clean once a week).  They also have lots of activities organised and it's really quite hippie, lol.

The Rejection Wall: where you post your rejections letters, lol!

Providence was rather quaint. Not a lot to do, but it's a quiet, clean place for students.  The names of the streets were really funny like "hope street" or... I took a picture of "friendship street".  I dunno, we just couldn't take those names seriously!

Just one way to friendship!

Not a whole lot of stuff... I don't take pictures of monumental things or fact, I don't have a single photo of RISD and we spent a whole day there, meeting a million grad students and visiting every nook of the ceramics/sculpture department.

Delicious milkshake at an American diner!
We ate at this very nice cambodian restaurant the night before (inexpensive too!), and mixed with the very hippie environment of the house...we were inadvertenly searching for a cool/hipster/healthy/avant-garde/idon'tknow place to eat lunch on our last day...but then, we just said: fuck it, we're in AMERICA! Lets get us some hamburgers, fries, milkshakes and all the grease!! ^_^

Update 2: Books

So. Among other updates. I've been reading.  Like binge reading.

Actually, I don't have enough to really binge on, but I read pretty fast so it feels as if I'm devouring the books at an alarming rate, as if I had been starved, which isn't far off from the truth since I didn't read all that much fiction throughout my university years because I was too busy with scholarly journals/analytical essays.  So no pun intended, I read the Hunger Games.

I... liked it. I really did. But honestly, after putting down the third book, I felt so miserable! It was a good ending, but I just...felt so shitty about myself, thinking about what-the-hell-am-I-contributing-to-the-world-and-how-can-I-make-this-a-better-place-and-my-so-called-career-feels-so-useless-in-comparaison-and-argiphskldfsdfkqwp-OTL.

So kudos to Suzanne Collins! I'm sure it did its job because it should make people reflect on our world. It was an exciting read, and the characters were excellent. 

Next up: John Green.  I've been seeing his face on random tumblr gifs, saying some pretty funny things.  I never heard of him before, but he has a really popular youtube channel called vlogbrothers, so I checked it out and quite liked his style of discourse... Anyways, I was intrigued so I went to the bookstore and purchased one of his books: Paper Towns.  I read it in one night.

It was...lovely. And charming.  I'm absolutely in love with the metaphor of the words 'paper towns'...gosh, it just keeps on re-inventing meaning and it's so gorgeous.  It's also a "teen" novel, so it's not a masterpiece of the century, but it has depth for its target audience.

I then went on and purchased Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines.  Once I cram those in my cranium, I might review him as a whole on my other blog.  I also bought Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.  A writer in SoMa fandom was reading it and she was just...floored by the prose... so I'm curious to read it too!

Update 3: Anime North

Con merch: SLOW PRODUCTION. Perhaps my slowest. But then... I realised that around now in previous years, I usually just start my production because of x-factors (e.g. last year, Hitomi from Japan came to visit... or the year before, I think I procrastinated cuz of reading too much shoujo manga)... But I'm more worried about my art expo the weekend after AN (of which I have no merch yet), so I gotta get my ass moving!

Cosplay: My wig is shaping up!  It's... such a tedious process and I don't even know if it'll look good on my head and I need to find a wigcap and blargh~~~

Panel: I don't know. I think it's going to be friday at 9PM. But I don't know which room, so I haven't prepared the lecture. It's supposed to be a plushie workshop, but then this other plushmaker also wanted to do it, so hers will be full-out workshop with the making happening... whereas mine will most likely be lecture-based.

Long update is long. I didn't even update about my apartment situation~ cuz the lease RENEWED ITSELF (I wasn't aware), meaning I'm technically stuck in the blasted place for another year, but then I can transfer the lease and blahblahblah. In a nutshell, I will move to another place with my good friend Laurence instead. ^_^  I shall worry about that at a later date, now back to work~~

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