Tuesday, 5 June 2012

YESmontreal Art Expo 2012

Montreal Science Center

It was a bit odd to have an art expo in the science center, but the venue was gorgeous, easy to access, and actually great for the expo.  It's just the mix of science and art that people might find a bit bizarre (almost like the relevance between wrestling and anime... wahh?!?).  I had a rather painless trek there; my luggage was smaller, along with my portfolio bag.  The forecast said it was going to rain, but we were very lucky to have the sun prevail! ^_^

As usual, I hardly take any photos cuz I'm just not meant to be a photographer.. but here's my table:

Gah! It looks very empty and not impressive! I wanted to bring some paintings, and I'm actually glad I didn't because I was planning on bringing one that's 2X4ft, and it wouldn't have fit on that L-shaped backdrop.  Most of my stuff was small, and meant to be leafed through.

But I did make one new plushie: Andy Warhol! lol. I decided to do a raffle for him, just cuz I didn't have anything to sell, and the 'general population' is not used to seeing plush toys for 70$.

I also brought a conceptual piece entitled 'Spine'.  It was a project for my fibers class back in university, and I got a C+ on it. LOL (btw, I'm an A-student, so the grade obviously pissed me off at the time)... But whatever, it's a work that I like, and I'm glad I brought it because it generated interest, the kind that I wanted for once.

The expo was tiring, and I hardly sold anything, yet the experience was pleasant. ^_^ It's really nice to chat with other artists, and to get to know what's going on in my own city; I'm so used of going out of town for cons, or most of my audience online are from the States/internationally, so I'm really not familiar with my local network.

I was happily seated next to the lovely Cara Carmina: she's a crafter from Montreal, with a distinct style. Check out her stuff!  But I took some pics (not the best cuz the light was shining in rather starkly.)

Other familiar faces were  Laurence Vallières, Geneviève Gallant, and Marc-André.  I was also seated across from an illustrator, who has a tangent for anime! (I swear the YESmontreal organisers seated us close to one another, due to our interests): http://www.minyaka.com/

Now, what's next? I gotta clean crap up! lol I'm moving my apartment/studio July 1st, hopefully earlier cuz the first is when everyone moves.  I also have to start on Otakuthon merch (due August 3rd-5th), so that I don't kick myself in the ass with last-minute stuff.  I don't expect to sell that much at the con, but I'll try to make more so that I can have some merch to sell online. I also have a few RL plush commission/requests to do; one of which is for a rather affluent art patron.

I also have to start working on my PlushYou plushies, which will be original works... my deadline for that is sept 24th, but it's crazy how time flies.  Then there's the UnderPressure Street Art Festival where Laurence and I will be making more crazy cardboard sculptures; that's one week after Otakuthon.  Oh, and I might be going back to Europe to check out the Art Documenta in Kassel, Germany...probably two weeks in July if the plans pull through. Busy, busy, busy!

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  1. Wow, looks like you have a lot of things planned! And yay for no accidents at your expo? lol. I love the Warhol plush!! Actually I just really like the plush soup can...XD;;;