Monday, 17 September 2012

MtlCC Con Report

I think this was the least stressful con I've ever attended... I didn't have much merch, but I didn't really care because I only had one 'goal' for this event: meet Avatar/Korra fans!! :D I also got to meet tons of great artist. I was seated next to Craig Stuckless and Chris Olsen. Check our their original work!

Legend of Korra Madness

At the last con I attended, Otakuthon, I really had a blast, partially because of my Amorra couple that got excellent reactions. For Comicon, I decided to go for Amorralok instead. I had prepared a huge paperboat that Korra was supposed to be all tied up in...but there wasn't enough room for the display. If I get a table at AN next year, I'll be sure to set it up properly (that's if I still have Tarrlok).

It was a bit dissapointing that I didn't get the visceral reactions that I got at Otakuthon-- most fans were casual and not into 'shipping' so they weren't disgusted by the threesome (yes, I like to troll..and this time, I can somewhat constitute as a troll cuz I'm not the biggest Amorralok fan myself, lol)... I took the above photo before setting up a sign written 'amorralok, a.k.a. water tribe sandwich', but even when it was labelled, people didn't react as strongly.  Although, there was this one dude who made the comment 'she speaks our language!' (as in, using the term 'shipping' and stuff). :D

Since people didn't know about shipping, the usual question I'd instead ask was 'which do you prefer, AtLA or LoK?'... The response was interesting and varied. I've been trying to get a scope of fans' reactions to the series, but most people on the net speak the language of tumblr get more in-depth with their reviews.  Meeting casual fans gave me some perspective.  For example, I met some people that prefered Korra over Last Airbender! They enjoyed the fast-paced, action-packed quality of Korra, which I think is what Bryke was going for. Another insightful comment was this dude explaining how he enjoyed that 'the kids in avatar act like kids, and the teens in korra act like teens'. So to those hating the love square and all that superfluous romantic subplot, Bryke was probably trying to show just that: their teenager-ism!

I also managed to finish Noodle-Armed Amon and he had his own space to extend his bendable noodley arms.  He didn't sell, so I'm going to hone my promise and make a better animation! :D (is it weird that I'm happy he didn't sell? lol. He'll be up for online adoption, but I really wanted to pimp his dancing skills!)

There wasn't much cosplay. :( I was hoping to see loads more than what I saw at Otakuthon, but there was slim to none. I only managed to meet a Lin Beifong, a Korra, and a Pabu. I got them to do the 'I'm watching you' sequence.

People and Swag

One of my highlights was meeting citizen17 again and spazzing about Korra! She gave me an awesome sketch of our fave lil' revolutionary.

I also got to meet Gord who commissioned me for one of his OCs, Harebell, last year. He brought Harebell with him-- it's always a pleasure to re-see my creations. :)

Squire Sword were located right across from my table, and at the end of the con, they gave me a Korra standee. :) It was really nice of them.

I also finally got to see my brother's girlfriend who came back from Japan and brought me back a gift from the Ghibli Museum. I've been there before, but I certainly did not see this brilliant merch item:

There are gold bells in his belly, like the gold that he spits out! It's uber AWESOME. Gotta love my noface~~


I had a good time, but obviously not the greatest. I was really tired (particularly on saturday because I went out drinking the night before) so I hope I wasn't too grumpy.  I think this will be the last time I attend a non-anime related convention.  I've also realised that I don't want to support these large corporation-- I paid a good 200$ for half a table space, and they didn't even give us a show program with our package, nor did our badge even come with a lanyard! o_0 That being said, I'm reconsidering about FanExpo next year... it has a decent anime fanbase, but the corporate thing kind of bothers me... Gah, it's a bit too early to tell!

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