Friday, 30 May 2014

Anime North 2014 Con Report

Another year gone by! This year felt weirdly different because they changed the layout of the TCC.  I think we were actually better placed than the Dealer's Room; people seemed quite confused on where to go. 

Joint table display with whitefrosty!

I was severely jetlagged and not that prepared for the con. :(  I shared the table with my buddy Alice who had totally amazing things! It was quite fun selling for her.  I always feel awkward selling my own stuff, but pimping a friend's work is so easy! She also sold some stuff for me...mainly when I was asleep, lol!


Nothing too eventful. I didn't leave my table at all on friday and saturday. There were a few panels that I would have wanted to check out, but sadly, I just couldn't get myself to leave the table. On sunday, however, we really wanted to check out the Bleach photoshoot because I made a costume for Alice and I wanted to show it off. :D I took some photos with her camera, so I don't have them now...but here are some pics of the outfit that I took with my camera!

 I'm very happy with the way it turned out! Alice is an excellent model for Riruka. :D Before making the costume, I first looked at what was already done, particularly the dress that you can buy premade.

Premade Riruka dress

I really didn't like how the white part was just a shirred fabric. As you can see in the reference pic, there are defined fairly thick lines and I wanted to mimic that. Also, for the flair of the dress, the premade costume basically just sewed in a straight row of ruffles on the bottom, which I didn't find was accurate. I designed it differently and it probably took much longer to make.

Alice got stopped for many photos, and at the Bleach photoshoot, many people wanted to take their own pics of her (i.e. not in the whole gang with the others). I felt proud! It's my first time making a costume for a friend. :D

I was supposed to cosplay Rukia, but I just didn't have enough time. I would have wanted to do a really accurate one, with the hakama folded properly. Maybe in the future!

Short con report is short. I don't have any photos of other cosplayers because I kind of made Alice run after people, so maybe she'll post them in her blog!

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  1. It's a good thing I wasn't there because I would have blown all of my money on those SNK plushies!!