Tuesday, 14 June 2011

FanExpo 2011 Merch List & Tentative Cosplay?

I swear I'm not being overzealous or anything. It's good to plan ahead, right?

So I was thinking of all the characters I felt like making (or remaking) and this is what I came up with. Feel free to let me know if you've got any suggestions because, like always, it's tentative.

[I put in bold the NEW characters that I've never made before]

10” Chibi plush (craft velour) 
ShizuoX2, Izaya,
RussiaX3, AmericaX2, GermanyX2, JapanX2, EnglandX2
Death the kid X4, Soul X3, MakaX2, SteinX2
Ed ElricX3,
GrimmX2, Szayel,     
NX2, BiancaX2, MistyX2, AshX3,
Yami BakuraX3, YugiX2, Seto KaibaX2,
YamatoX2, TaichiX2
GokuX2, GohanX2, VegetaX2, TrunksX2
Asuka, Rei
LX2, MattX2, MelloX2,
=> Quantities are subject to change

Chibi-standard 10” (deersuede)
HitsugayaX2, Ikkaku, Yumi, GinX2, Kyouraku, Ukitake, ByakuyaX2,
Hisagi, Ichigo- getsuga, Shinji, Aizen,

Specials (different patterns)
NightcrawlerX3, GambitX2, WolverineX2, VenomX2, SpidermanX2
PanteraX2, Ulqui-releasedX2
HowlX2, Chihiro, Haku, No-face, Medicine seller, San (Princess mononoke)

Standard 10”(lycra)
Grell, Undertaker, Sebastian, Ciel
Lavi, Kanda, Allen
Squall, ZackX2, Vincent
Fye, Sesshoumaru, Inu Yasha
Yue, Sakura, Li Shaoran  

I'm really looking forward to making the "specials". I'm not sure if I should make Venom and Spiderman because I think they're heavily copyrighted and stuff...same goes for X-men, but there doesn't seem to be an official Nightcrawler plush, so maybe it's fair game? Ghibli also has copyrights, and it does feel weird to pimp Miyazaki's designs, but I love those characters so much and there aren't that many plushies of them out there.

I really want to make the Clamp stuff, especially Yue. He has wings. I liek wings.

I'm currently working on a Sesshoumaru plush. I figure it would be nice to make another one to spread his love, lol.

Anyways, so about the second half of my title: tentative cosplay. I got a DARE from my friend Alice that I wouldn't be able to pull off Hiyori from Bleach. I've got the short stature and the pissy attitude, but she can't see me blonde and says I smile too much! I'm taking up her dare, and within this year, I'm gonna do it~~ Although I hate getting my picture taken, being Hiyori will be AWESOME because I can point the middle finger at people!

While searching for ref photos of her, I came across this one:

It looks like Fanart, anyone know where it came from? That'd be fun to replicate her shirt...because I also love Shinji. <3

On other news, I'm officially running off to Windsor, Ontario next weekend. I'll be gone for a week or so. ^_^


  1. Nice list, although I highly recommend you make Prussia or Italy (with the hair curl) instead of Germany. Juuust sayin'. ;) And how come no more Reborn characters??

    I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING THIS COSPLAY OF YOURS :D :D :D I hate getting my picture taken too...we can hate it together LOL

  2. @Alice:
    I was thinking of Prussia because it seems like lots of people like him! A few people have asked about Germany, that's why I was inclined to make him...maybe I'll just make one instead of 2. I shall trust you. ^_^ (But in the end, I DID end up selling those 2 Black Star plushies. lol!)

    I've made a lotta Reborn, so I'm giving them a rest. I do want to make Byakuran and Prince the ripper and maybe Daemon Spade. Yes, random.

    I shall give updates about the cosplay! When the wig arrives, I'll be sure to blog about it!


    I'm used to having my picture taken...I've mastered smiling for minutes on end...without having my face crack o_o;;... LOL

    I guess...I should start looking for spandex? ;)