Saturday, 25 June 2011

Otakuthon 2011 Artist Alley Confirmation!

Woo-hoo! I got a space reserved for the AA at Otakuthon 2011. It's montreal's local convention, meaning I don't have to pay for tranportation and accomodation! ^_^  Here's the site, in case anyone is interested in attending:

It's from August 12th-14th which is roughly 10 days before FanExpo. I have a feeling that August is going to be another hectic month, much like May was for me. o_0

I therefore gotta redo my con merch list. I probably won't change the characters all that much, just the quantities. I'm also thinking of making some bigger items, like pillows and cushions.  The one thing that sucks about Otakuthon is that we're not allowed any free-standing displays, meaning I can't bring my shelf that clears up table space (and therefore allows me to show more stuff). Any overhanging display can't be over 4.5 feet either. I'm sure I'll manage something though. ^_^;;

But alas, before all that, I gotta concentrate on the endeavour straight ahead: I shall be on the trek to Windsor this evening. I'm arriving at 5:30AM looks like it'll be a lovely all-nighter on the bus. *bleh* I'm bringing my guitar too (which will be a first on a bus), so I hope he doesn't get damaged or else I will be seriously pissed off. *is really protective of my guitar*

My sexy guitar
I also gotta clean, pack, and see if I could squish in more time to work on plushies. ^_^ I shall report my trip when I get back. The plans aren't set in stone, but I should be back roughly around the 4th.

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  1. Congrats!!!! :D You;re going to be in a sewing hole...O_o Dunno how you do it...LOL

    That's weird how they have a height restriction on displays at the that means I wouldn't be able to having my jail cell either?? LOL

    Protect your hubby! Have a good time in Windsor :)