Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pheleon's Workspace

It's about time that I show pictures of my space! Originally, all of the magic is supposed to happen here, but because of reasons beyond my control *cough*psychoroomate*cough*, I had to move a lot of my shit back at home to concoct the rest of the commissioned plushies. Meanwhile, I was also busy making Adrian, so now that he's done as well, I finally had the time to clean and re-organize stuff.

My parents got me a beanbag for christmas so I finally had time to 'dress' it up with the WATERMELON cover I made a while back. I still have more watermelon covers, but upsholstery foam is kind of expensive and this space is temporary anyways so I'm in no rush for the fruit invasion to spread.

Rugs are from IKEA.  The rectangular one has long pile, and it reminded me of grass!! ^_^ I'm such a kid that loves the idea of grass indoors, lol. Carpet-like surface was a must cuz I work a lot on the floor (heck, I do ALL of my work on the floor...aside from the sewing machine), so I splurged nearly a hundred bucks for these three green things.  They complement the pink watermelon really well though! :D

My industrial sewing machine that I haven't used to its full capacity... The only thing that I'm still not used to is that noise level... the motor's intense and the guard around the handwheel makes this annoying clacking sound when it's stitching quickly. But the stitch quality is beautiful and the sewing just glides; I like it better than the ones I remember in the fibers studio at my university.

I'm still not fully organised... I've shoved things in boxes and still haven't figured out a good system to keep them tidy.  Usually, I have a good memory so I can always find my things, but when I give the place a clean-up (like now), it becomes more difficult to get stuff because even though they're in the same box, they're all in a jumble!

The person living in the room before me was one of my friends from high school, but since he moved to Toronto, he didn't want any of the furniture, so I kept the armoire, shelf, and two tables. It's not what I would have bought, but it was free and does the job so I can't complain!

Btw, I used a foldable-fabric shelf (originally for shoe storage) and my smaller pieces of fabric for plush-making fit perfectly in it!  All the rest is a chaotic mess, but I do somewhat organise the fabric in bags by their type. The bottom drawer (not shown in pic) contains most of my fleece, and it's completely stuffed... I really need a chest of drawers!

On my 'mantle', I have a funny assortment of liquids... the smallest bottle in the left corner is fray-blocker, the orange thing is Mr.Clean spray, then we've got some glazing medium for paints, and finally, a large bottle or RUM! LOL  And the empty water bottle is a memory keepsake.  Basically, during the summer when Allister came to Montreal, we went out clubbing and my friend came over to pre-drink...but we pretty much just drank it straight and therefore couldn't get pass much of it...so now it just sits on my mantle, ready to greet guests.

So come to Pheleon's studio! Sit back on a watermelon with a swig of spicy rum and listen to my noisy roomate blasting top 40 garbage 'music'. Which reminds me..my sister gave me a CD player for me to drown out the dreadul noise. :p


  1. Love the beanbag watermelon and the fake grass rug :)

  2. I wish I had a workspace like that. Maybe I would add more stuff but if I had one smilar to yours my work time would be reduced to half!
    I'm portuguese so sorry if you can't understand what I tried to say just now =]
    By the way your plushies are great if I have time to dedicate myself to making one during my summer vacations just so you know your plushies will be like the inspiration to making mine or something like that xD
    I'll keep acompaning your work for sure =)