Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nuit Blanche Recap & Medusa Hoodie

And so, my failtastic skills at documenting strike again: I did not take a single picture at Nuit Blanche last weekend!! o_0 EPIC FAIL.  But in my defense, just about everyone else had huge ass cameras and snapped away crazily, so maybe one day, I will stumble upon documentation of the night.

It went really well!  No drama... well, there was a little in the beginning, but nothing that involved me personally.  I got there about 2 hours before the event, and we essentially had to bomb the remaining flyers in the Place-des-arts area where the main festivities were going on.  We got back a little late, and then I stayed by Adrian more or less the whole night.  Lots of socializing and hipsterish stuff.  When the DJ started at midnight, we had already sold all of our beer, so it was surprisingly more dead.  Apparently, the attendance was like 2900 people! Which is AWESOME! And Adrian really was the star of the show. :D

But among the other things I wanted to do for the event... we had to dress to impress cuz it's Nuit Blanche and a graffiti gallery is the pinnacle of trendy hipster crap. I bought this awesome green-ish leopard (which I thought was snakish/crocodilish) printed fabric...and I wanted to make it into a tunic, but decided agaisnt it when I spent the previous days freezing my ass off in the gallery during set-up.  So change of plans: I rushed to the store and picked up some wool to make myself a jacket!!

I didn't have much time, so I went for a simple design.  My main criteria was a huge hood and that it would be fitted nicely.

The cuffs didn't end up happening. Nor the trimming.

And mind you, I don't own a dressform, so I painstakingly had to keep on fitting it on my body while I was working out the pattern (that I obviously drew from scratch!).  It took me a whole day, and I was up till 3AM finishing it before the event, which strangely worked to my advantage since I ended up sleeping in and therefore having enough energy to stay up all night that evening.

(curse blogger for darkening my already dark pics... Black is so difficult to photograph; espescially when I'm using a self-timer and can't play around with the focus.)


So I call this jacket my "Medusa" hoodie because when I made the hood, it was so huge and I was reminded of Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater! lol Talk about being obsessed with that manga!

Overexposed photo to actually see the garment!

Cool pattern that was supposed to be a tunic.

For Nuit Blanche, I deliberately put my hair up with like a million bobby pins, in this awesome miyavi-esque hairdo.... but I was such in a rush that I didn't photograph it. BOO.  Anyways, but here's a shot of my shaved-sides head.

Gah, it doesn't even show that well because my hairdresser totally didn't shave it to 0 like the first time she had done it.  And she didn't clean the edges either, and I still paid 50$ for the appointment. *frowns*  Not sure how long I'll be rockin' this look... I'm wondering if I should actually Miyavi it up at Anime North, but frigg, don't I say that EVERY YEAR?!


  1. Wow, that jacket looks really nice!! The leopard fabric looks really shimmery. You could start a business with cosplay costumes maybe haha XD Since you say that every year...maybe actually DO IT and MAKE IT HAPPEN this year? :D

    1. lol, it's not that's more of a velvet with areas that have been 'burnt-out'... it's really cool! (if it's still cold at AN, I'll bring it to keep me warm)
      Oh gosh, no~ not a business of cosplay costumes that's for sure! Maybe a little fashion here and there, but costumes... I'll leave that to others. XD
      YES MAM! I'll make it happen! :D