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Otakuthon 2012 Con Report

Last year, I organised my con report in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly... but this year, it went really well! No theft, hardly any rude comments, fair sales, and loads of entertainment.  It's pretty much all good, lol!  It could be my diminished expectations, or maybe it's just my new approach to artist alleys (i.e. aim to have fun); regardless, I had a great time despite being heavily sleep deprived, and I would consider going next year. 

Team Exquisite

Tania and my side of the table (with a random girl that looks part of it, lol!)

The lovely Lisa and Julia, buddies from last year!

I just totally made up that name for my table buddies and I! It came from 'exquisite corpse'...but we really didn't draw those because we make 'collective drawings' instead.  This year, we only drew one because the traffic in the alley was decent and we were fairly busy.

It was actually because of Lisa and Julia that I decided to give Otakuthon another shot.  One week before registration, Lisa tells me that they're going to sign up, so I figured, oh let's give it a chance.  And then, at the YesMontreal art expo, I met Tania who was seated across from me.  I think her work is really beautiful, and I offered half of my Otakuthon table since I wasn't expecting filling it up completely.

I invested in lots of wire-cube shelving because I use it for organization in my closet at my new place. The only downside of it is the transportation: it's rather heavy compared to my usual shelf!  But at Otakuthon, we're not allowed free-standing units, so I had to be build in height over my head, lol.

This is all I made! It's so little, I know!
Ponto-chan! Montreal's new mascot!

 Viva Amorra

Okay. Onto one of my main sources of entertainment: Pimpin' AMORRA!

As I have briefly expressed on DA, I am currently a fan of the crack!ship Amorra from the Legend of Korra.  It's basically one of the most frowned-upon ships since it's the relationship between the heroine and the villain...but it's a really REALLY interesting ship.  I just had to make hommage to it, and I like to troll people, so the reactions were GOLD. Oh gosh, it was just so hilarious.

I was recording a survey/poll for the first two days, and I gathered a good 42 people.  Often, I'd get huge smiles, but I don't know if they just like the plushies and not the ship.  I also got deep frowns, but it could be because of my so-called 'high' prices... If someone made enough of a reaction to allow me to inquire further, I then recorded the results, so the numbers are skewed (it's just for the fun!)...

My favourite comments:

"Bloodbending 'action', hell yeah!" -- said by a guy.
"I can't accept that." -- said by an 8-yrs old boy! I love how he gave his opinion, using the pronoun I, instead of shoving a statement/fact ("it's gross" "that's wrong") like most adults do. When kids are more polite than grown-ups...I question the world.
"I'm going to say 'yay' because of the plushies; this might actually make me ship it."
"You won the convention."

Cosplay and Customers

The cosplay didn't catch my eye as much as last year, but I did see some stuff I liked...or just things that entertainmed me.  The best goes to... ACE VENTURA!

Oh gosh, this kid was SO IN CHARACTER! He really put the 'play' in cosplay and he was entertaining us all weekend.  He didn't quite have the perfect hair, but I recognized him by his walk, and then when he turned around I saw a monkey plush, I knew he was the pet detective! lol

Atlantis people that chatted about Amorra

Equalist loves their leader!


[Blogger is pissing the shit out of me so I'm going to stop writing now-- it keeps on freezing and this has taken me more than an hour to write because of it! grrrrrrr!!!!]

Blogger: NAY (die in HELL-- okay, this has nothing to do with the con...)
Amorra: YAY (love me till the end of the world)
Sales: Meh (not too bad, considering I didn't think I'd sell anything)
Company: a big YAY (you girls rock!)
Overall experience: YAY! ^_^

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  1. Haha, looks like you had fun!! Hope to see you soon! Will you be at Fanexpo this year? I shall appearing on Saturday since I've been asked to do the workmanship judging for the Masquerade :)