Thursday, 22 August 2013

Otakuthon 2013 Con Report

I find it hard to rate my experience at Otakuthon this year because it happened in such a blur! The weekend came and went so fast; I barely had time to register it all.  In a way, I was lucky that my final chem exam didn't fall on the actual con (because yes, we can have an exam on a weekend!)... but it still wasn't the best thing having my exam on the tuesday after, since I was busy studying at my table. o_0

I didn't have that much time to make new merch, but I was quite pleased with the chibis I made. :) In the end, I only have Rangiku, Cloud and San leftover. I was surprised that Cloud didn't sell because he was my fave out of the bunch!

I also still have Mephisto and Amaimon (which were leftovers from Anime North). They didn't sell, but they got a lot of attention! The Ulquiorra is a remake from the one I had at AN; he also received a lot of love, but unfortunately no new home. These guys will be up for online adoption soon!

A highlight of my weekend was hanging out with awesome people, namely Tania, Alice, Jordan, and Lisa. It's always a pleasure being seated next to great artist/artisans.  This year, we unfortunately didn't have the time to make a collective drawing (probably because my nose was in a chem book, lol).

Alice's titans!
Tania's 'Ponto-chan'
 Alice and Jordan are from Toronto, so they stayed over at my place for the weekend. We basically went to bed at like 2 or 3am every night... The girls managed to look fresh in the morning, but I was seriously a zombie! I kept on joking around, saying that I should dress up as a Titan...dancing Ymir.  Speaking of cosplay, here are the little photos that I snapped:

Super cute Kiki! In honor of the Kiki plush I'm making.

OMG! This Amon was SO TALL! *drool*

I love them! Best mother-daughter pair ever. <3

The only Renji cosplayer I saw all weekend.

I fangirled... SO HARD.

Random Kenshin... because I love RK.
And that's it! This is perhaps the shortest con report ever, but I really need to get back to the million commissions lined up. I'm also really sad about my final... I didn't do well, unfortunately. :( The teacher was mean and put in all these tricky questions. I didn't even have the time to finish! Anyway, what's done is done. My next confirmed event is the 'Ottawa Geek Market' in October.  I will also probably apply for the Puces Pop Montreal, but I might not get in since I'm so late. :p

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  1. Nice con report! ^_^ Short but you covered all the essentials, whereas I just rambled on and on, lol! Bleh, chemistry sucks! :( But at least it's over with! Thanks again for letting us stay! Let me know when you plan on coming to Toronto again in October! ^_^