Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ottawa Geek Market Report

Oh my, it's been a while since I've updated! This past weekend, I attended the Ottawa Geek Market. It'll be a short report since it was a fairly short experience (only two days) and the market was just that, a market.  There was a little cosplay, but I didn't manage to snap any photos unfortunately. :/

I had a full table for the event, and wow, did I have a lot of space! As in, notice how there is space on BOTH sides-- this meant that the people next to my table didn't have to walk behind mine to get to theirs. I was also lucky to finally be by the aisle-- it was just very open.

I knew that I wasn't going to sell very much, so I didn't make and bring much either.  Sales at the event were very poor-- it was as bad as Montreal ComicCon, lol!  (I think it has to do with my demographic; there are just way less anime fans at these events).  I only sold Zuko, a bunch of Onigiri plushies and noface keychain.   It however didn't bother me because the event itself was pleasant. I was pretty dead tired on the first day, so I didn't talk to the people around me, but the second day I socialized a lot more. :D

The funniest comment I got was from this dude from nerd reactor who was wearing a scouter and obviously saw my Vegeta plush. He said that the awesomeness of my plushies was over 9000. :)

I don't know if it's an Ottawa thing, but people were just very polite and pleasant. o_0 I had no rude comments! It was just very surprising because we were all mixed with dealers and even the artist could sell non-handmade goods if they wanted to. I made sure to write 'handmade' over everything though.

The event was held at the Fieldhouse at Carleton U, so there was a lot of natural lighting.  I think this definitely contributed to my good mood and I wish more con centers had windows!

Overall, the event itselt was organised well and the venue was great. The only downside was the traffic flow as there weren't that many people compared to the cons I've attended. I think in a few years if they keep it up and more people know about it (or get into the nerdy hobbies), it can be a good place to sell.  I don't think I'll be returning in the future though since I'm getting a little tired of tabling.  I'll definitely still try out for Anime North next year, but that's they only one I've got planned.

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