Sunday, 8 May 2016

Hallyu North 2016 Con Report

Short con report will be short! I just got back after a shotgun trip to Toronto for Hallyu North. The con is new so it was small and not very well-organised, but I liked how chill it was. I left early both days because food and sleep were calling me. Toronto transit, however, was seriously out to get me that weekend. The construction and detours were really annoying, but I made it in one piece.

Merch table! Not that much since most things are for AN

I went for their premium table since it wasn't that much more, and they ended up giving me two tables! I didn't use it though since I didn't bring a lot of merch.

SHINee and BTS mini-plush keychains!

New Chibi-Dolly style! Made especially for cute girls like Kiki

Some old keychain and new drawstring bags!

More drawstring bags, dubbed octopouches.

I probably should have made more kpop plush keychains since they sold out on the first day and I didn't have any kpop-related stuff to even show on Saturday. :/ Overall, I had a really fun time chatting with the Eliza Lento and her sis who tabled next to me. They're also going to Otakuthon (actually, I met a lot of people going to Otakuthon), so it was a nice way to start the con season by establishing some acquaintances.

Freebies from The Face Shop and falsies by Holly Wolf's Kawaii Cosmetics

Since I didn't use the extra table next to me, they gave it to one of the guest, Holly Wolf, who just started her new line of falsies. She gave me a free pair to try out; they're really nice quality and worth at least 20$, so that was a nice gift! I'll probably wear them for AN.

May is going to get really busy. I'm still applying for some museum jobs and have a conservation-related conference next weekend (a 5-day conference, actually!) I really got to kick it on high gear for Anime North merch. Wish me luck!

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