Monday, 30 May 2016

Anime North 2016 Con Report

I was telling people that I've been tabling for 8 years now, but looking back at my 2015 con report, apparently this was my 9th! One more and I'll be ten years in! (and then I can retire?) o_0 As usual, con prep was hectic and crazy and I didn't make nearly enough merch, but still had a good time.

Table merch on the first day
This year, I concentrated on making mini-plush keychains. My normal chibi plushies would just take too much room in my bag (my friend Ikeda didn't get a table in the CM and she usually helps courier part of my stuff). I thought I made a decent amount of keychains (it was over 50!), but they nearly all sold out the first day. If I didn't set some aside, I would have had nothing to show on Saturday. x_x

Day 2! Some new characters that I finished giving hair that morning
Day 3! I re-arranged the setup and put my portfolio out
In the end, all I have left is one daruma keychain, two piggy pouches, and the Old Lady Toph/ Korra plushies (which I'm glad didn't sell so that I can actually photograph them properly now, lol!) Rey and Ren were only there for display and I didn't get any backlash for posing them in a ship-like manner. :D


I've been pretty busy this past year, so I didn't get into any new anime/manga series. I therefore just snapped pics of old things that I liked!

Badass Tsukki!

Noya-san with a mini-me!

Mafuyu from Oresama teacher!

Some Soul Eater! I miss the days when it was super popular

All the Reylo <3

Super cute Ponyo and her dad.

Ulqui! So nostalgic.

Awesome Bokuto is awesome.

Sojiro!! The guy was from Japan!

SPIKE! <3 He was so tall and chill.
If I thought I didn't get to see much of the con in previous years, this year took it to a whole other level. I didn't even venture into the parking lot because we stayed at the Radisson and the exit/entrance for the artist alley was by the back (right where the hotel was). 

Overall, it was a fun time tabling next to Bahamut Dawn Creations, Pokey52 and PracticallyGeeky. It was also great to see some old faces and friends. Thanks to everyone that dropped by my table!


  1. If you create another kiki can I buy her? T.T 😢 So sad I missed out on it!

    1. Indeed! I love making Kiki so I'm bound to make her again. :) Sorry that she got snatched up! I should have made more. ^^;