Sunday, 24 July 2011

Youmacon AA reg= FAIL

I've been looking into getting a table at the Detroit convention Youmacon because I have a place to stay in Windsor (about 20 mins away from the con) and it'll give me the opportunity to see my friends and also finally take a stab at an american con!

The reg was really not well announced, so I've been stalking the forums for the past few weeks. Finally, they said it'd open on saturday the 23rd (yesterday) but couldn't tell us the time.... Lately, I've been working on my online portfolio (which is going really well), so I was on the computer anyways. I was checking back every 30 mins or so.

But then, I get a random text message from my friend. He says he's got a free pass for HeavyMTL, the outdoor metal fest that's going on this weekend. Okay, so just a quick background info in case people aren't aware, I was a huge metalhead in high school. I used to go to tons of concerts and stuff; I love to mosh, crowdsurf, jump around, and headbang.   I've definitely mellowed out because I don't listen to that much hard stuff anymore, and I don't go to that many concerts either... But at the fest, the band In Flames were playing and I haven't seen them live in nearly 8 years. o_0

Soooooooo.... I basically ditched my post. LOL

I didn't stay there for that long; I got home at around 10:30PM... But apparently reg opened at 5PM and filled up in 2~3 hours. Had I been home, I would definetely been able to get a table! (I mean, 2~3 hours beats the one second of AN's reg!)

I'm not banging my head over this....cuz I got to headbang, eh? LOL

Actually, I know I'm getting old when In Flames apparently released 4 albums since I last saw them, so they mostly played their new stuff. The pit was awesome even though the crowd was young~~ The fest is two days, so I might go again for Opeth tonight (depending if my friend gives me another free pass, lol!)..and I'm hoping that the crowd is much older because old bands like Anthrax and Kiss are playing today!!

On other news, my plushie production is not going so well. I've been so distracted with other things that I haven't had the time or motivation to get at it full force. My apartment/studio is coming along well; I painted the walls finally. Once I get it all settled, I'll post lots of pics. ^_^

This entry must have been boring with the lack of pictures, lol. I didn't have time to take any photos while in the moshpit. o_0


  1. That's what you get, lol! From AN's reg experience I would've not left my computer at all, LOL! Ah well. At least you had fun. :) More merch for your other cons then!

  2. LOL...My cosplay con travel groupies brought up going to basically party and get drunk for the weekend...but we opted out. LOL

    Ganbatte!! :D

  3. @ Alice: Yes, I indeed deserve what I get. LOL I guess I wasn't that hardcore because I bounced in a heartbeat! But for AN, I might have stayed home. :p

    @ Machiko: Bummer! That'd be too cool to meet you all there and PARTAY! We could have gotten our Bleach cosplay going then. ;p