Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Guilty Pleasure

I was a bad girl the other day, and splurged on some clothing items. o_0

At first, I hit up Underworld (skate shop) because I had a gift certificate that my brother gave to me three or four years ago. If you like streetwear and skate shoes, they've got a stylish selection. Here's their online shop:

I was really drawn to the clothes by Element Eden.

I bought 2 dresses/tunics; they're very knitty and good quality material. :D Here's a pic of one of them (I couldn't find the other one on the site!):

Looks like a shirt, but it's quite long.
The one I bought was black.

After Underworld, I dragged my sister to the Plateau where I remember seeing this shop that caught my eye whenever I went to that area. It's a boutique called Aime Com Moi and it sells Montreal-based designers. No "made in china" stuff; it's all local which is REALLY cool!

I fell in love with this dress....

Please pardon the vain posing...

It's by a brand called Kollontai. Here's their website:
It's made out of cotton with spandex...which makes it comfy, but the spandex kind of hugs every area...meaning I gotta pay attention to my posture and I must not gain any weight. o_0

The other item I got was this gorgeous blazer that my sister also loved and said she'd steal it from me. It's by Annie50.

Photo taken from Annie50 website
Yes, in black again!
My photo really doesn't do it justice because it's so dark~~ But the shape is really flattering and I love it. <3 Btw, can people tell I used to be gothic in my teenage years? Everything I own or like is black, lol.

After that, my sister needed to stop by the Bay because her friend is registered there for wedding gifts... We stopped by some of the designer clothes section, and I saw this very gorgeous delicious coat (can't remember the brand) but it was 1,000$ nope. Not in my budget. o_0

Anyways, this shopping session has really inspired me to haul my ass and start making my own clothes again!! BUT first...I gotta make plushies, lol. :( Otakuthon is officially a month away, and I have no merch ready. FanExpo is going to be equally crazy, so I gotta get crackin'.

Therefore in the meantime, I'll continue buying pretty clothes. ^_^ It's not a bad deal, but my bank account will start to cry. :o


  1. Girl, I can't see the details of your new threads yo! LOL The pictures are so dark...!!! HAHA

    Oh well, I can get a general idea. I, myself have been thinking of going on a shopping spree...but I haven't actually gone out and done it o_o...

    I still have to respond to your last comments to me on DA....ugh, maybe after I wake up...since I just worked a night shift..x__x...Zzzzzzzz


  2. @Machiko: I know! But blogger seemed to make the photos even DARKER. o_0

    I'm down for a shopping spree in TO the next time I'm in the area and you're avail. ;D

    Eeek, night shifts. :o Ganbare!