Monday, 25 July 2011

HeavyMTL Day 2, Trims & Vans

As mentioned in my previous post, I wasn't quite sure if I'd attend day # 2 of HeavyMTL, but alas! Yes I did! It's great having connections~~~ ^_^ I got to see Opeth. Holy crap. I love them. I really forgot just how much I love them. 0_0 I told my bro's roomate who I was hanging out with: I was ready to make-out with ANYONE around me, be it female, fat, grimmy, whatever. That's how much Opeth turns me on~~~ LOL

This makes me lean towards the decision of still going to Youmacon. Ok, seems like the topics aren't related, but they are. Opeth is playing in Detroit on October 29th (they aren't coming to either TO or Montreal for their tour). Youmacon is from Nov 3rd-6th. And in between, there's Halloween. :D Now this all depends whether my guy wants me around, lol.

And totally random, I sticked around for KISS who were headlining. My bro's roomate really wanted to get up front, so we got pretty close. I don't know any of their songs, but they were pretty entertaining!

So that was my weekend. :D

For today, I went fabric hunting with my friend. I was supposed to finally order my industrial sewing machine, but to my awful luck, the shop owners are on vacation! I have to come back after august 8th! So much for trying to set up my studio. :(

I however managed to track down a number of items, so my journey today was still productive. :) The "cité de la mode" (fashion district, I suppose?) used to be in this certain area of montreal, but now it's pretty run down but the fabric stores are still there. I found some gold/blonde felt that I was planning on buying online, so I'm quite pleased that I no longer have to anymore.

I've been really meaning to tackle some handbag designs, so I went to search for some straps/accessories. Here's some stuff I really liked and decided to buy:

Perfect for a handbag strap. It's very durable too!

Some rings for straps. I've got ideas bubbling in my head.

Pretty trim! Don't know what I'm gonna do with it yet.

And last but not least, the shoes I ordered from ebay finally came. :D I'm really happy they actually fit (with a bit of room too!) because they're a 5.5 and I'm usually a 6. (yes, I've got small feet) This model is kind of outdated, so it was a bit hard to find. I was really happy to have found some in a colour that I like. ^_^

Vans Super HI-sk8 design.
Now if only I can track down the 2009 spring WATERMELON VANS. *o* If I ever see them in my size, even though they're so tacky...they're friggin' WATERMELON!

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  1. Wow, awesome guys were really up close!! o_0
    And omg..I WANT THOSE WATERMELON SHOES! XDDD bwaha..they look so simple though, you could probably DIY ;D