Friday, 20 January 2012

The Making of Adrian (Part 1)

Eek. Haven't blogged in quite some time! I've been busy...figuring out my life, and tackling plushie commissions. I've also been writing fanfiction, very strangely enough. o_0 But I'll save that rant for another day.

And admidst it all, I've also been making a 9-foot gorilla out of cardboard that we've christened 'Adrian'. It's also going to have the Sydney Opera house on its back.
Sounds kind of random, but there's method to the madness... well, not really, but sort-of.  LOL. Basically, my buddy Laurence is organising an event for Nuit Blanche, and she managed to book a space at the Freshpaint Gallery~ its known for graffiti and street art stuff. So anyways, she asked me if I wanted to collaborate with her, so while we were at the Yes!Montreal Art Expo, in the car after the first day, it somehow clicked to me and I said to her: "lets make your monkey with the sydney opera house out of cardboard!".. I've always liked the drawing she had made a while back, and I would have liked to see it in sculpture.. and in HUGE.

I've never made a big sculpture out of cardboard before, but I saw it almost like pattern-making because it's a 2D surface turning into a 3D object, which is something that I'm way more comfortable with.

So for the past 3 weeks, we've been working on this project. We've still got loads to do, but Nuit Blanche is still in more than a month. Onto the WIP photos!

The last photo isn't actually what's up-to-date; one of the arms is almost done, and we had to give him chest surgery because it wasn't thick enough. So there's still loads to do, but we're pretty confident that it'll turn out in time. ^_^

We're taking a 'break' from it this weekend, so I'm tackling plush commissions like mad.  I've still got 12 left, which sounds like a lot, but that's basically out of the 42 that I had to do when I got back from Japan...meaning, I'm about 70% done. Almost there!

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  1. Woah.... O_O Interesting how you have your Nuit Blanche during this time of year! Are you going to be moving all that cardboard to the location? >_< Hopefully no more disasters for you, lol! Best of luck!