Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Making of Adrian (Part 2)

Laurence working on Adrian (WIP)

Completed Adrian!

Okay~ So I haven't updated this in a long while, but Adrian is complete and is now living in the gallery.  My goodness, set-up was CRAZY.  I should have taken pictures but I didn't have my camera, and my friend was a little embarassed by the way we were packing (she said it was so amateur, but it did the job).  And then hauling it over to the loading dock, getting it in the truck, and moving it to the gallery. What a day!

As Laurence calls it: "Jess in Detroit" (cuz the ceiling is dying)
As you can see, the Opera House didn't happen. We had issues with it, and then we realised that there wasn't even enough space for it in the gallery!  We're happy with the result, and people seem to like it anyways, so the Sydney Opera House would have just been an extra.

And btw, the FreshPaint gallery is a space devoted to streetart/graffiti. I'll make sure to bring my camera on the actual day of the event (this saturday) and take photos of the entire place cuz it's pretty cool and very different from normal art galleries.

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  1. That is so neat!! Can't believe you built/made something like that! :D