Monday, 29 May 2017

Anime North 2017 con report

Wow it's been a year since I last updated this blog. I even attended Otakuthon last year but never blogged about it. :/  And now, another time at Anime North has come and gone! The weekend passed by so fast... I brought my 3DS and a tablet to work on some writing, but I hardly had the chance to touch any of it!

Whitefrosty posing for our table on Friday before the start of the madness

Crafter's Corner

There was so much room between the alleys that it felt very bare at first. But once people came in, we were really thankful for the space. I hope they keep the same spacing layout next year because it was nice to have room to breathe. (I guess it also helped that it was so cold outside so we weren't overheating to death like last year!)

Closeup shot of merch on Friday

Friday was insane. I thought I came prepared, but I underestimated the time it took to individually price 65 keychain kids and hang each one by wires. o__0 Luckily, the traffic built up slowly so I had time to finish setting up and take photos before it got really busy.

After that, there was a constant rush of people and I totally forgot my tiredness.  My journey actually began at 3am on friday (the woes of out-of-towners) and ended around 2:30am (working on a few extra things in my hotel room). No partying at all this year, lol! There was simply no time!!

Day 2! Whitefrosty is posing for me again.
Day 3! I had downsized my diplay to allow more room for Whitefrosty's stuff
I thought I did my market research well, but I underestimated the popularity of Yuri on Ice! I should have made a lot more characters for it. :/ They sold so fast! I was also surprised to have some folks from last year asking for stuff that I said I might make 'the next year' (but then didn't end up doing).. I'll have to up my communication game next year, like asking for people's opinion on social media when I'm working out my merch list.

It was great being seated next to my buddy Bahamut Dawn, and of course tabling with Whitefrosty who has been my table partner more or less for the past 9 years...

If I were to give a theme for this year, it would be: 'I'm getting old'. I made the set of Gundam Wing characters (for my pleasure) and had really funny convos with some people (in my age bracket), remniniscing on stuff like dial-up internet connection, mailing list for fanfiction, and keeping a binder of printed photos/fanfics like the precursor of tumblr.  It's amazing how things have changed.

Finally, a shoutout to my buddies in the Comic Market, Bern and Ikeda, for dropping by and keeping me awake! I hope I can get a table in the CC again next year, to make it a nice 10 years of tabling! After that, if I throw in the towel and call it quits, I'll at least be able to say I did it for a decade. XD


I wasn't looking for anything in particular this year in terms of cosplay, so I just snapped stuff that I liked! :)

Bokuto cosplayer who bought one of my Bokutos last year!

Hilarious Team Skull cosplayers!


A Chihiro cosplayer who bought one of my Chihiros!

Very creative tree spirits from Princess Mononoke

Perfect Ed cosplay!

Gotta love that Ignis, standing in the background.

This Yuri cosplayer asked politely if he could flip
off for the photo! I was more than happy to oblige.

Adorable Bulma and Vegeta couple!

Master Roshi!

Hilarious Guzma cosplayer. He gave a great character
analysis of Guzma when I asked how old he thought he was.

Gladion and Lily. :D

Super cute Howl and Sophie. <3

 Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table! I had a great time and hope to do it again next year. :D

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